Welcome to Greenhithe School’s website.

My name is Peter Marshall and I am pleased to be the Principal of Greenhithe School. Assisting me on management team are our two Deputy Principals, Heather Walker and Terry Taylor.
Heather has been at Greenhithe in the leadership role for seven years and also brings her Deputy Principal experience from her previous school into the leadership team.  Terry spent 2013 working with a private educational consulting company providing varying levels of educational support to a wide range of schools across Auckland. Prior to that Terry has held deputy principal and teaching roles at Birkenhead and Kauri Park Primary schools, spending eight years at each school.  

Greenhithe was once a small rural school which has experienced rapid growth whilst still retaining the community feel. Currently the school starts the year with 520 students and ends with 600 and is still continuing to grow.We are in a constant process of modernisation with new classrooms being built, facilities improved and infrastructure upgraded.

Our Vision:

Our children grow to be capable, balanced, confident learners who embrace new experiences and opportunities.

Our students enjoy and are engaged in their learning. We have a great staff who are working hard as a team to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our students. As a team we are involved in quality practices in literacy and numeracy. In addition, we are an Enviro and Travel Wise school, and are working on an exciting Inquiry Learning model. Sporting pursuits and the arts are given a high profile at Greenhithe.

We look forward to continuing a close association with our preschool centres, parents and the wider community as we endeavour to make Greenhithe the school of choice.

Kind Regards
Peter Marshall