Greenhithe is very proud to be a silver award winning Enviro School.


Due to congestion at our school gate and the concern to get children fit as a school our goal is to reduce the amount of cars bringing children to school. A Walking School Bus is a group of children who walk together to and from school with parent supervisors along a set route. Parents take turns and shouldn’t need to walk more than one day a week. The other 4 days are free.

The majority of children going to our school live in a 2 km radius so it’s all achievable. Therefore we are promoting walking, biking and scootering to school. Children are able to walk with a

  1. Walk with a Walking School Bus
  2. Walk or bike with a parent
  3. The senior children with parental approval can bike and walk with buddies or independently (on the footpath)

If you are interested in finding out more about Walking School Buses, and would like more information, please contact Fran Morrison [email protected]

Have Fun!

The Travelwise Team of school pupils have been hard at work trying to convince the school to walk and bike to school. They have been:

  • Promoting in our whole school assembly scootering and biking with a helmet and vest
  • Handing out awards to the class with the most walkers or bikers during our competition weeks
  •  Awarding bag tags to children who walk with our Walking School Bus groups