We have invited students from years 5 and 6 to bring in a device so that they have more opportunities to use technology and enhance their learning. We want to try leveraging students’ attachment to their own devices to deepen learning and to make learning more personalised and student-centred. And as a result of this, students who do not have personal devices will have greater access to school owned chromebooks. This opportunity is not compulsory. It is an invitation, not an expectation, and we are not insisting that students purchase or bring a device. We are giving you the choice. We want students to be comfortable using digital devices so they can transition to intermediate school smoothly. And students will be better prepared, not only for intermediate school, but also for the future. Having their own device will empower students to learn at a pace and method that suits them. They’ll be able to explore which digital tools are best to help them with their learning. Laptops and Chromebooks will be allowed to be brought to school. Tablets, phones and iPads will not, because they are not able to run the Chrome browser extensions that we use to monitor student behaviour online.

We have arranged special pricing for Chromebooks through Techcrazy. You can access the deals by visiting:
(Offer is valid until stocks last). All students who bring in a device must first sign the BYOD Student Agreement 2023 along with their parents. They must also have read the Student Responsibilities and Device Requirements documentation attached to the agreement.If you have any questions about student devices, you can email Carole Strombeck, Head of ICT at Greenhithe School: [email protected]