Digital Technology

At Greenhithe School, students use a range of digital tools to collaborate, problem-solve, innovate and create. They learn to manage their online actions and interactions safely and sensibly. Students develop their digital fluency, deciding when to use specific technologies for different tasks, and explaining why they chose those tools. For example, a student could create a short video to explain and share a maths strategy or they may collaborate using a Google document to share ideas with a group.

Digital technology is incorporated into learning across all curriculum areas, so that students become creators of digital solutions, not just users. As part of this, students at Greenhithe School learn digital skills to help prepare them for our changing world. For example, they learn to program simple instructions in-person (such as stepping out a set of actions on the floor) and then develop their coding skills online using programmes like Scratch. We also have a growing range of robots which students learn to control by entering instructions (M-bots and Coding Mice) or drawing codes and using online apps to code (Ozobots).

We are well resourced to offer our students opportunities to be confident users of digital technology. In years one and two, we use iPads and desktop computers. From years three to six, we use Chromebooks and iPads. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is available for those students in years four, five and six who wish to use their own. Please see our BYOD policy for device options.