Strategic and Annual Plans

Strategic planning is the process of envisioning a desired future, translating this vision into defined goals or objectives, and making an action plan to achieve them.  Greenhithe School’s strategic plan is our school’s guiding document. It guides decisions by the board and leadership team on what we are aiming for as a school.  From this document, the school develops an annual plan to map out how we will work towards the school’s long-term strategic goals for our children, our staff, and our community.

This version will see us through until the end of 2025. In 2025, we will undertake a full consultation process to get community, teacher, and student voices to guide us to take the school forward from 2026.

Strategic Plan 2024-2025 Greenhithe

Strategic Plan_ Greenhithe 2023

Strategic Plan 2019-22


Greenhithe School Annual Report 2023

Greenhithe School Annual Financial Statements 2023

Greenhithe-School-Annual Financial Report 2022

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