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Term 4 Week 8 Kawerongo

Important Dates 

9th December – Greenhithe Summer Festival

13th December – Year 6 Graduation 

13th December – PTA Meeting

15th December – Last Day at School for 2022, midday finish.


26th January – 9am – 11am Uniform Shop onsite

31st January – Meet the Teacher Interviews

                     – 9am – 11am Uniform Shop onsite

1st February – Start of Term 1 2023

Community Notices

Before School Care:   Lorna:  [email protected]

After School Care:      Karen:  027 223 5934

Piano:  Susan Fraser:  021 378 007

Guitar/Drums:  Paul Barry – [email protected], ph:  022 198 0044

Principal’s News

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Congratulations to the children who have been awarded a PRIDE certificate in the last week. It is always lovely to see our school values being used around our school. In the last little while, these children have been awarded a certificate: James West and Zayden Carr.

Kids Being Kids!

One of the highlights of the last couple of weeks has been watching our children on some of their trips and in-school experiences. I went along to see the Year 5 children enjoying some climbing and kayaking at the Millenium Centre. The children were showing all of our values, and it was great to watch some kids who were a little nervous at the start grow in confidence and succeed with the activities. Yesterday I also saw our year 3 and 4 children have a great time with an in school activity day with Conscious Kids. They were roasting marshmallows, building shelters and even had a slide going! Again, it is great to see our children challenging themselves and showing initiative and resilience!  

2023 Classes and Teachers

Next week the children will discover their classes and new teacher for 2023. Our teachers and the Senior Leaders spend many hours putting these classes together based on many factors, including gender balances, the children’s working relationships in the classroom, learning requirements and groupings within the class.  

The children will spend an hour with their new class next week to get to know the teacher and their new classmates. This is an opportunity for building new relationships. While the children will be familiar with their classmates, as our classes do mix for many learning experiences, they may not have all their friends in the class. The teachers have identified relationships and friendships that work to enhance and promote effective learning, while ensuring each child is well supported in their new class.

Please help your child to see the new class as an opportunity for new friendships, while morning teas, lunchtimes, year group mixing for learning experiences or sports will help maintain friendships where some of their friends may not be in the same class.

Thank you

As we enter our last week of 2022 I would like to express my thanks to our parent community. Without your contribution we could not have given the children the amazing opportunities they have had this year. We can’t run our trips and experiences without your support, we really appreciate you giving up your time for these days.  For those parents and even our ex-pupils who have given up time to coach or manage a sports team, thank you. Your commitment to our children is thoroughly appreciated. The hours given for training, game days and organisation ensures our children don’t miss out on crucial learnings, such as being part of a team, dedication, being a good winner and learning to accept defeat.  I’d also like to acknowledge our parents who have supervised our road patrollers. In all sorts of weather, your dedication to supporting the school to keep children safe on the road is also hugely appreciated. This is such a valuable role for the school!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at our Summer Festival. The children have some great performances and I am really looking forward to seeing our Kapa Haka perform tomorrow afternoon. Please keep fingers crossed that the weather allows us to enjoy the afternoon. Our PTA has put many hours of time into ensuring a fun afternoon for the children.

Ngā mihi 

Stephen Grady


Greenhithe School

Sports Corner     Korero hākinakina

No Sports News this week a round up next week of the years events!


“Our good friends at MusiqHub would like you to know that they will have some new spaces available in Term 1 for Guitar and Drum Lessons during school hours.  Please get in touch with [email protected] for more info or to register your interest.”
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