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Term 4 Week 9 Kawerongo

Important Dates 


15th December – Last Day at School

for 2022, midday finish,12 O’clock.



26th January – 9am – 11am Uniform Shop onsite

31st January – Meet the Teacher Interviews

                     – 9am – 11am Uniform Shop onsite

1st February – Start of Term 1 2023

Meri Kirihimete Greenhithe

Community Notices

Before School Care:   Lorna:  [email protected]

After School Care:      Karen:  027 223 5934

Piano:  Susan Fraser:  021 378 007

Guitar/Drums:  Paul Barry – [email protected], ph:  022 198 0044

Principal’s News

Congratulations to our year 6 children who had their graduation last night. A massive thank you to the teachers and the organising committee for giving our year 6 children such a lovely send off. As part of this evening our school awards are presented. 

Our award winners for 2022 are:

Sportsman and Sportswoman – Ava Laursen and Max Cook

Excellence in the Arts – Miller Oram

Digital Recovery Cup for Excellence in Writing – Georgia Saunders

Digital Recovery Cup for Excellence in Maths – Joanna Li

Citizenship Cup (donated by Mr John Key) for PRIDE – Honour O’Hagan

Lions Citizenship Award for PRIDE – Soul Foreman-Chittenden

Cup for Excellence – Alicia Yang

Lupton Family Cup for Diligence – Rebecca Qi

Perserverance – Manawanui Certificates

Kimberly Marais, Riley Maskell, Walker Hamlyn, Finn Morgan Cao, Sofia Turner and Guy Yerushalmy Safronov

Principal’s Cup for Outstanding Academic Achievement in all areas of the curriculum – Joanna Li

Staffing 2023


It is a sad time of year when we farewell departing staff. While it is sad for us to lose our amazing people, we are very grateful for their contribution to the children and our wider community. This year we are farewelling Trudy Freeman, who has been part of our staff for over 12 years and has been our international student director, who is leaving to take up a similar role at Carmel College. Suzanne Cresswell, who has been an amazing class teacher and board member for our school, Suzanne moves, after 9 years with us, into a learning support role across different schools, specialising in literacy. Charlotte Pollard-Brown, who has been with us for 2022 is leaving to travel and teach in London and Sam Wijnstok is leaving us to become a mum for the second time. We wish them the best of luck for their next steps.

We have employed Katie Barnston Wells for 2023. She will be a big asset for us.

2023 School structure

Year one 

Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Leader

Year two

Mrs. Mowat, Ms. McCubbin, Mrs. Strombeck and Mrs. Sussex

Year three

Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Fitzgerald and Ms. Barnston Wells

Year four

Ms. Alexander, Mrs. Lupton and Ms. Erceg

Year five

Mrs. Bate, Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Snowden

Year six

Mrs. Fletcher, Ms. Mcdowell-Pakieto, Ms. Pierce and Ms. Sheppard.

Building Work

During the summer we will continue to have building and maintenance work going on to help us to create the best learning environment for your children. If your child comes to use the site or playgrounds during the holiday, please remind them to stay out of any building areas. 

Final Reflections

As we come to the end of another year, I would like to say a few thank yous!

Firstly, our amazing staff. I am so grateful to have a team of such dedicated, passionate and caring educators working to realise the potential of your children. In a year where we have faced staffing shortages due to covid, they stepped up every time, supporting each other and our community. I am very proud of our team.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge the contribution of our parent community. We thank you for your support with everything you do to support our school and the children. Whether this is joining us on a trip, attending a sports event to cheer on the team, managing or coaching a team, supporting our PTA events or being one of our road crossing supervisors, I thank you for your support of our school. 

I would like to thank our PTA team, what an amazing group you are. To pivot our Summer Festival to ensure we were still able to have a fun afternoon for the children was remarkable. Your work throughout the year has been thoroughly appreciated. A special mention to Gaynor Topham for her leadership of the PTA. I have enjoyed working alongside you and it has been a privilege to see your dedication to the children of our school.

Finally, our amazing children. Being on the gates at the start and end of the day is an everyday highlight for me. I love the way they chat, share their achievements and just greet me each day with a smile. I have loved watching each child work hard and show our values. I am so proud of every one of our children. They remind me on a daily basis why my job is the best one in the world.

The summer break is a time to catch up with whānau and reset. I am looking forward to jetting back to the UK to see my family after being separated for so long, and I know there are many plans to have similar breaks with family.

I hope the summer break allows everyone to relax, enjoy the holiday and return in February safe and ready for an exciting 2023.

Ngā mihi 

Stephen Grady

Tumuaki/ Principal

Greenhithe School

Community Connections

Our Learn to Grow Area at Greenhithe School

Whāngaia ka tupu, ka puawai – That which is nurtured, blossoms and grows.

This will be a space for our students to GROW friendships and learning about respecting our environment. Our Kaitiaki group have been busy preparing the area where the old lunch room was for the past two terms. Bunnings at Constellation have been a great support providing us with a whole host of items such as gardening gloves, trowels, three planters, plants, soil, umbrella, a bench and a storage box for the gardening tools. Bunnings will be coming back in the new year to build a wooden veggie box with the Kaitiaki group. A huge thank you goes to Louise the organiser at Bunnings and Tania (one of our parents) who has helped by creating this wonderful opportunity.

We have also been busy visting our local kindys last week. The Bolliwood and Dragon dancers went to Miniland and Greenhithe Kindergartens to perform. We were also fortunate to be able to watch the kindy children sing their Christmas songs. It was a wonderful experience for all. Thank you to Trudy, Sonia and Tong for working with our students to put on these dances.

Sports Corner     Korero hākinakina


The following awards were given out at our assembly today.


                        GIRLS  AVA                                                               BOYS  MAX 


GIRLS  AVA                                                          BOYS  LUIS 





Two weeks ago we took a team of 48 children to participate in the Northern Bays Athletics held at Kristin School. Greenhithe children represented our school incredibly well and we were awarded best overall school based on points for children placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Thank you to all of the parents who helped with transport and/or supervising a group for the day. 

Here are the individual results.







Olivia Stewart

9 & Under girls

Ellie MacDonald

10 year old girls

Brooke McCabe

10 year old girls

Shot Put


Marco Rewi

10 year old boys

Luis Vadeanu

11 year old boys


Zach Stephens

9 & Under boys

Olivia Stewart

9 & Under girls

Lucia Pascoe

9 & Under girls

Mitchell Guest

11 year old boys

Long Jump

Ellie MacDonald

10 year old girls

Max Cook

11 year old boys

Rico Nielsen

9 & Under boys

Lucia Pascoe

9 & Under girls

Pania Bennett

10 year old girls

Luis Vadeanu

11 year old boys


High Jump

Olivia Stewart

9 & Under girls

Awatea Poihipi

10 year old girls

Luis Vadeanu

11 year old boys

Lucia Pascoe

9 & Under girls

JJ Dorday-Bradbury

10 year old boys

Mae Shaw

10 year old girls

Joanna Li

11 year old girls

800m Open Race

Max Cook 


Olivia Stewart


Nyah Slade



9 & under mixed

(Olivia, Lucia, Zach and Rico)

10 yr old mixed

(JJ, Lachlan McKeown, Mae Shaw and Ellie)


11 yr old mixed

(Max, Ella Zhang, Ava Laursen, Zac Bould)



If you have a child leaving at the end of this year and would like to donate their sports top to the school, please leave them at my office tomorrow. We often need spare tops for various sporting events so it would be greatly appreciated. 


The 2022 touch season has come to an end. 

Well done to all players and a huge thank you to the many coaches, managers, parents and supporters that make the season possible.

Congratulations and farewell to our Year 6 players whose teams all did exceptionally well to place in their grades. All the best for Intermediate and your sporting endeavours next year. 


Year 1 and 2

Greenhithe Turbos  4th

Greenhithe Goblins 5th

Year 3 and 4

Greenhithe Fast Freddies  2nd in A Grade

Greenhithe Dream Team   2nd in B Grade

Greenhithe Hammers        6th in B Grade

Year 5 and 6

Greenhithe Rebels   2nd in B Grade

Greenhithe Rockets  6th in B Grade

Greenhithe Green Machines  1st in  C Grade

Greenhithe Girl Power            2nd in C Grade

Greenhithe Stars                     5th in C Grade                                                                           


Thank you to ALL the parents who this year put their hand up to either coach or manage a team sport. Your enthusiasm and dedication to our children is so appreciated, our children are so lucky to have such wonderful parents.

I also want to thank our parents who have helped transport our children to a variety of Inter School or Northern Bays events. Most schools need to get a bus but at Greenhithe we have so many parents who take time out of their days to support our children, thank you.

Finally some individual thank yous. 

Thank you to Faith Laursen who has been an amazing netball coach/manager/selector and administrator. Faith has helped me for a number of years, a job which has got busier and busier yet it was never too much for her. Faith also coached Touch and Rippa teams, her expertise was invaluable. We are going to miss your dedication to sport at this school Faith. Thank you.

Thank you to Paula Turner who has been an amazing Hockey Coordinator and has  contributed tremendously to our hockey programme. Not only did Paula coordinate hockey but she has been an amazing coach and manager as well. We are going to miss you Paula.


Congratulations to the following students who represented North Harbour Seahawks and played their hearts out at the Junior Tag Nationals last weekend.

                    Max and Ava                                               Marco top left and Lachlan bottom right

Ryder Kirkland


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sharon Hilton-Jones

Sports Co-ordinator



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