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Term 1 Week 1 Kawerongo

Important Dates 


14th February – AGM PTA Meeting 7pm

21st February – Yr 3 trip Howick Historical Village

22nd February – BOT Meeting 6.45pm

27th – 10th March – Dental Van @school

21st – 22nd March – Year 5 trips Millennium

24th March – Nanogirl visits Greenhithe

24th March – Yr 6 trip Auckland Museum

29th March – BOT Meeting 6.45pm

6th April – End of Term 1


Principal’s News

Welcome to 2023!

As I reflect on our first week back I reflect on the work our teachers and leaders put into the class placements at the end of last year. The care and diligence they applied has resulted in a great start to 2023. I have visited every classroom and seen for myself how well the children have settled back into school, despite the disrupted start caused by the recent flooding and the Ministry of Education’s decisions. 

It is exciting to see the children coming in at the start of a new year with such big smiles and enthusiasm, which helps to set the scene for a year of learning, fun, making new friends and taking new opportunities. 

Flooding at School

We were very lucky at school. We only sustained minor damage to one of the offices. I know we have members of staff and our community who have suffered damage to both business premises and their own houses. If there is anything the school can do to support you, please let us know.  

At the end of last year you will have noted the diggers and cones around our site. Much of this work was drainage related. We completed this work in December and I know this continuous work on our infrastructure and school site ensured our site was able to just about deal with that deluge.  

Continuing School Maintenance and Development

The work on the classroom block along Isobel Road is continuing, as are the pool renovations. The pool renovations have been impacted by the weather as we ended up with nearly 40 cm of water back in the pool! This had to be drained and then dried out before the continuation of the rebuilding of the surface. We are hoping for some dry weather to allow this work to continue at pace!

I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved with our fundraising. The readathon provided funds for a library upgrade. The space is looking amazing and we hope to have it open in the next couple of weeks, once our new furniture arrives. Our hall upgrade is also nearly complete with a new screen, projector and sound system now in place.

Meet The Teacher

Thank you to those who were able to come in to meet with your child’s new teacher. These are hugely valuable to understand some of your child’s needs and areas of interests. We hope to return to doing these prior to the start of school next year.  

Donations and Activity Contributions

As you are aware, the cost of running our school and offering your children the broadest range of activities is continually increasing. In past years, we have tried to absorb these increases in certain areas however, we are unable to continue doing so as we find that our providers are passing price increases onto us. The main area where we have noticed the largest increase is transport costs to off site activities and visiting shows and experiences, which are solely funded out of your activity contribution.

We have worked hard to keep these increases as small as possible to help minimise the financial impact to our families and our 2023 contribution requests are as follows:

School Donation – $55 per term or $220 for the whole school year (this is the same as previous

years, however the discount for early payment has been removed). The amount for 3rd or

subsequent children will remain at $37.50 per term or $150 for the whole school year.

Classroom Activity Contributions – $40 per term or $160 for the whole school year.

Kindo is our preferred method for all your school payments. We also have links for you to follow on our school website in the Community Connect section or in the drop down on the Info tab.

If you have any trouble setting up your Kindo account, please follow the help links on the Kindo website.

2023 Enrolments

We are experiencing an incredible number of enrolments for our school! We normally have our first new class starting in mid term 2. This year it looks like that will start in term 1! In order to recruit the best teachers for our children, it is a great help if we have advanced knowledge of our numbers.

If you have a child enrolling with us in 2023, or you know of a friend who has a child due to start with us this year, could you please contact the office so we can pre-enrol them. This is a huge support for our long term planning.

Hold the date!

We have a couple of events I would like to ensure you are aware of:

Tuesday 21st February 6pm-7.30pm- Cyber safety and Mitey Wellbeing Evening

Following parent feedback in our strategic planning surveys last year we have arranged for Cybersafety Expert and former Greenhithe parent Grahame Mueller to talk to our community about how parents can support the cyber safety messages for our children. We will also share some information about our mental health Mitey programme, Sir John Kirwan Foundation.

Friday 24th February 9-11am Whānau Cultural Morning

We would like to invite you into your child’s classroom for a morning of learning about each other’s cultures. This is an opportunity for parents to meet other parents in their child’s new class, to work alongside your child in the classroom and to come and get involved with us at school! 

Possible Weather Event on Monday

I have had a few enquiries about next Monday, with the weather event that may be arriving. We will adhere to the advice we are given and the health and safety of the children remains our priority. Please keep an eye on our website and your email for any updates if they are required. If you don’t hear from us, school will be open as usual. 

I look forward to seeing you at these events and some further details will follow.

Ngā mihi 

Stephen Grady


Greenhithe School

Community Connections

Our Learn to Grow Area at Greenhithe School

Whāngaia ka tupu, ka puawai – That which is nurtured, blossoms and grows.

Sports Corner     Korero hākinakina


Welcome back to another year of Sport at Greenhithe School!

My name is Sharon Hilton-Jones and I am the Sports Co-ordinator. My office is located behind the Junior Sandpit.

‘Sports Corner’ is a regular feature in our school newsletter to inform and update our sporting events and successes. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]  with anything you would like included.

Our school website has all the information that you would need to know about the various sports that we offer students.

All registrations are done online through Kindo.  I also send an email out when each sport is open for registration.

Here is a brief outline of each sporting code that we offer here at Greenhithe School.


Splash Polo (formerly known as flippa  ball) is a modified game of water polo for all Primary School children Years 3-6.  Your child will need to be a confident and capable swimmer to participate. Registrations have been open for nearly a week now and our Year 5 and 6 teams are full however we need potentially one or two more players for our Year 3 and 4 team so please register through Kindo if your child is interested. All other relevant information is on Kindo.


Touch registrations for Term 1 are also coming to a close. Touch is for all Years 1-6 children and is played on a Wednesday afternoon at Moire Park in Massey. Games start next Wednesday 15th February. Or touch coordinator Nicky Wallace will be sending out all relevant information to the families who have already registered.

MINIBALL (modified basketball)

Miniball registrations have opened on Kindo. Miniball is played on a Tuesday night at Eventfinda in Glenfield and is for Years 3-6 children, girls and boys. Each competition runs for two terms (known as Semesters). All the relevant information is on Kindo. 


Netball is for all ages and genders. Games for Years 1-4 children are played on a
Saturday morning at Pinehurst School and for Years 5 and 6 children, games are played on a Wednesday after school at Netball North Harbour, Northcote. All competitions are for Terms 2 and 3.

I will open up Netball registrations next week on Kindo and  you will find all other relevant information there. Please see below a netball clinic that is being run at our school just before we have our trials for Years 3-6 children. It is a great opportunity to brush up on skills before the netball season starts.


Hockey is played after school on a Monday and is for all Years 3-6 children. Games are held at the North Harbour Hockey Centre, Bush Road, Rosedale. The competition starts in Term 2 and runs through to the end of Term 3. Hockey registrations will open shortly.


Rippa is played at Moire Park in Massey during Terms 2 and 3. It is for Years 3-6 children both boys and girls. We have two tournaments that we attend, and they are both during school time. This is a fun day and it gives children an opportunity to represent our school in a friendly non-competitive way. Registrations for Kindo will open later this month.


Along with these weekly competitions, we have the following sporting events on our calendar.

Swimming Sports (Years 4-6)  This term but ‘to be confirmed’ because of the work being done on the pool. Years 1-3 have a swimming display

School Cross Country (Years 3-6) in Term 2 and is held at Wainoni Park. Juniors Cross Country is held at school

Athletics Day (Years 4-6) in term 4 and is held at Wainoni Park. Juniors held at our school

We are also involved in Netball and Football field days and a winter sports tournament at Kristin (Year 6 only). 


When you sign your child up for a sport through Kindo, you will be asked to confirm you have read the Code of Conduct for Players, Parents, Coaches or Managers. It is important that you read through these for yourself and with your child, as our school places a lot of importance on our children representing the school with our PRIDE values. 


Thank you if you have already put your hand up for coaching or managing a Touch, Splash Polo or Miniball teams. We really can’t give our children the opportunities we do without your help. We also will be looking for parents to help with Netball, Hockey and Rippa so once these sports are opened on Kindo, please consider taking on a role with your child’s team.


If there is anything that you would like included in the school newsletter, an achievement that you think is worth sharing, please email me at [email protected]   


Sharon Hilton-Jones

Sports Co-ordinator

Community Notices

Before School Care:   Lorna:  [email protected]

After School Care:      Karen:  027 223 5934

Piano:  Susan Fraser:  021 378 007

Guitar/Drums:  Paul Barry – [email protected], ph:  022 198 0044

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