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Term 1 Week 2 Kawerongo

Important Dates 

2024 TERM 1

13th February – PTA AGM 7pm School Staffroom

16th February – Whanau morning and parent consultation 

27th February – Year 4 – 6 Swimming Sports

28th February – BOT Meeting 6.45pm

7th March – Year 3 Swimming Display

12th March – Interschool Swimming

21st March – PTA Meeting 7pm School Staffroom

27th March – BOT Meeting 6.45pm

27th March – New Entrant Meeting 6.00pm

29th March – Good Friday, Easter Monday

 School closed

2nd April – School closed

3rd April – Back to school

9th , 10th, 11th March – Year 4 and 5 Millennium Trip

12th April – Term 1 Ends


Before School Care: Lorna: [email protected]

After School Care: Karen: 027 223 5934

Piano: Susan Fraser: 021 378 007

Guitar/Drums: Paul Barry – [email protected], ph:  022 198 0044

School Uniform Shop on-site: Wednesday 8.30 – 9.15am

Principal’s News

Dear parents,

Thank you for your feedback at the end of last year that has supported our annual planning for 2024. One of the questions I asked was about the newsletter. While many comments showed the community was happy as it was, there were a few suggestions for features or content that we will endeavour to include over the year.

Whanau Day

You will have seen we are holding our Whanau afternoon on February 16th. You may visit the classrooms from 2-3pm. Please join us in the hall from 1.45pm to give us some feedback on some questions that we will have out, ask us any questions on where we are with the curriculum changes coming through from the Ministry of Education or just come and say hello!

Term 1 Learning Across The School

One of the suggestions was to include a section about the learning in the classrooms. At our school we have a theme that runs across the whole school for each term. This can be interpreted in different ways in different year levels. The theme can be used to focus on a science, arts or social sciences context, but as the year progresses each class will ensure that science, social sciences, technology and the arts are covered through one of the themes. The idea is when we have buddy class time the children can share learning or even learn together about how the different classes have focused on the theme. 

For term one 2024 we have a theme of ‘Where we are in Time and Place’. The theme is then part of the learning. It can be used for reading topics, writing inspiration or for a maths investigation, sitting alongside specific teaching of skills such as reading comprehension strategies. 


While inquiry skills and working towards personal learning is important, we have a focus on explicit teaching that allows our children to learn and then use the skills and knowledge to be able to problem solve in maths or be successful with an individual learning project. Over the term I will share examples of some of the learning happening in the various year levels within our whole school theme of ‘Where we are in Time and Place’.


A massive thank you to those who have already made their suggested donation and activity contribution. You will have received the notification from the office with more details on making your donations. 

Our 2024 contribution requests remain unchanged from last year and are as follows:-

School Donation – $55 per term or $220 for the whole school year.  The amount for 3rd or subsequent children will remain at $37.50 per term or $150 for the whole school year.


Classroom Activity Contributions – $40 per term or $160 for the whole school year.

Kindo is our preferred method for all your school payments and the following pages have all the information you need for setting up your account if you are a new family to Greenhithe School or you were unable to set an account up last year.  We also have links for you to follow on our school website in the Community Connect section or in the drop down on the Info tab.

Curriculum Update

Within the Government’s 100 day agenda were two main things for us to be across at this early stage of the year. The first was the ‘phones away for the day mandate’, which I addressed in the last newsletter. The other was the hour of reading, writing and maths. 

In every class we have a block of time that is dedicated to these core areas. This has always been the case at our school. As well as a dedicated time where explicit teaching of skills and knowledge occurs, there are other times where we integrate these subjects into our theme based teaching. For example, in science the children will receive specific writing teaching on how to explain the results of an experiment. 

Within these theme based areas our children will be reading topic based texts at their level to help with science knowledge. While applying reading skills, comprehension skills  are honed as well. Maths is often integrated into science with supporting information gathering, for example the measurement of how a plant has grown or how far an object has travelled. 

With the dedicated daily block for each of the core reading, writing and maths areas, as well as including aspects of direct teaching and learning of these areas in our theme approach, we are meeting or exceeding the requirements.

The Government has formed their Ministerial Advisory Group to review the refreshed curriculum that was released last year for implementation in 2025/6. As yet there is no further information. Once we have a good understanding of what the changes will look like we will hold a parent information evening on the refreshed curriculum. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me ([email protected]).

Ngā mihi 

Stephen Grady


Greenhithe School

Community Connections


Greenhithe is a MITEY School

At Greenhithe School we are mentally healthy and feel a sense of belonging when we feel respected, valued and heard. Ideas and well being are valued, ensuring that everyone feels supported and appreciated.

Time is taken to build and nurture relationships.

Our Mitey Mediators from year 6 will be busy training at the beginning of the term to ensure they are ready to support our students in the playground at lunch times very soon. This year our Mitey Mediators will be nominating students that they see using our PRIDE values and Mitey skills in action, and the students will receive a certificate.

Our Greenhithe Road Patrollers will be starting next week after their successful training today with Senior Constable Louise. Our Road Patrollers are using their PRIDE values to support our Greenhithe Community cross safely. Please ensure that you do NOT park on the dashed yellow lines by the crossings, as this limits the view for our Road Patrollers. Good Luck next week Road Patrollers!

Greenhithe PTA

The Greenhithe School PTA are a group of parents and teachers who work together to support the school.

We meet monthly on a weekday evening to discuss all things related to school life, provide a forum for community feedback, and fundraise for additional school resources. Our ultimate goal is to continue to grow and nurture the great positive community we have within the school and wider Greenhithe.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and participate. You can be as actively involved as you wish, and we invite you to come to our monthly meetings, held at school, and hear what we are doing.

Pop along to our first meeting and get to know our wonderful Greenhithe community.

13th February, 7pm – School Staffroom

Sports Corner     Korero hākinakina

No Sports news at the moment.

Community Notices

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